Simplify Your Arrangements with Tillwell’s Direct Aquamation At-Need Services

In times of loss, Tillwell is here to ease the burden of planning. Our at-need online arrangements for individuals provide a simplified, pressure-free way for you to provide all the necessary demographic information needed for crucial documentation and event registration.

After entering the required information and completing the payment process, a dedicated Tillwell service professional will reach out to finalize the process, ensuring everything is properly handled with respect and care. We strive to make this difficult time a little easier by eliminating the need for stressful sales conversations and providing a straightforward, transparent process.

Last Name
All Given Names
Manitoba Health Number
Usual Residence
Marital Status
Name of Spouse of Former Spouse (Maiden)
Date of Death (If Widowed)
Kind of Work Done During Most of Working Life
Kind of Business or Industry
Social Insurance Number
Treaty Number
Band Name
Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)
If Under One Year, Months/Days
If Under One Day, Hrs/Min
City of Birth
Father: Last Name, Given Names
Father: Place of Birth
Mother: Maiden Name, Given Names
Mother: Place of Birth
Name of Informant
Name of Executor/Executrix
Time of Death
Date of Death (MM, DD, YYYY)